How to Create Drop-Down Menu in Joomla 3.1

In this tutorial I will show you how to create drop-down sub-menus menu in your Joomla 3.1 system quickly and easily. By the way, this tutorial works for all older versions as well, however the design and options layout may look a bit different like in the following images.

Ok, I pretend you already have some articles and have already added few menus, now comes the sub-menu part.

1. Create Sub-Menu

Go to Menus and select a menu category you created earlier.

joomla menus

Create a new menu item, choose the menu item type, add your desired title for the menu and go to the Parent Item drop list.

create sub menu item joomla

In the drop-list you will see the existing menu items, just choose the menu point you would like to assign this sub-menu and save your menu settings. You have to repeat this boring process with each new menu item.

2. Enable Drop-Down Menu

If the sub-menus are published, it meant there are already enabled, but here we are talking about something else. If your template support drop-down menus, it wont display the drop-down features, only if you selected that particular menu items that has sub-menus.

To enable the drop-down menu, you will have to go to Extensions > Module Manager and create or select the menu module you want to use for drop-down.



In the menu module editor go to Options tab and select YES for the Show Sub-menu Items input.

enable show sub menu items joomla

Save your module and you are done!

Hope this tutorial was helpful, if you have any questions, feel free to comment bellow. Thanks!

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